ERP Implementation Success Stories: Part III

No two implementations of Oracle solutions follow the same path. Each enterprise, its challenges, and its ultimate solution can each be quite different. What is the same is the ability of ArganoCSS consultants to find the right applications, implementations, and overall solutions for the client being served. Here are three examples.

LiDestri Foods Case Study

This enterprise supplies more than 40 million product cases annually as a contract manufacturer of food, beverages, and spirits. It provides these products as a premier private label and through proprietary branding. Its demand management process, though, was cumbersome, using manual entry, which increased the potential for errors. Moreover, its reporting was manually generated.

Enterprise executives recognized the need for improved demand management overall, including sophisticated, automated reporting with appropriate visuals. LiDestri Foods already owned Demantra, Oracle’s on-premise demand planning solution, but had not implemented it yet. ArganoCSS consultants helped its team compare Demantra to Oracle’s Supply Chain Cloud, and LiDestri Foods ultimately chose the Oracle Cloud solution, integrated with EBS 12.1.3, rolled out in four states to six facilities.

Benefits included a reduction in total cost of ownership, plus monetary savings in implementation costs, recurring costs and support costs with a modern Cloud solution that eliminated manual entries and greatly reduced potential for error.  Find out more about the Cloud solution and the process that led the company there.

Turner Industries Case Study

Turner Industries supports heavy industry companies that produce energy, including those in the areas of construction, pipe fabrication and scaffolding, and maintenance, and it also provides related employee placement and outsourcing services. Over the years, Turner Industries had significantly customized its JD Edwards enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. It now recognized, however, that customization had to be minimized for future scalability and growth. It also identified a need to modernize its platform for a younger workforce. In addition, the company needed to integrate Turner-specific functionalities into its JD Edwards ERP, along with third-party integrations.

ArganoCSS facilitated necessary upgrades (from World to E1), integrating any necessary special considerations to leverage standard functionalities, positioning the company for expansion and growth. Turner Industries can now meet client and partner needs with confidence on a platform that provides visibility across the organization, one that will take it into the future. Because of JD Edwards Managed Services, Turner Industries can focus on business operations and growth, with on-shore, tenured consultants from ArganoCSS overseeing its JD Edwards ERP solution. Find more information about this ERP case study.

Cummins Engines Case Study

Cummins Engines designs, manufactures, sells, and services diesel and alternative fuel engines globally, along with generator sets (diesel and alternative-fueled electrical), and related technology and components. They were facing challenges with supplier integration and lacked the ability to efficiently source direct materials, making it risky for suppliers to do business with them. To solve these problems, they used an Oracle Procurement Cloud solution, specifically these modules: Supplier Management, Supplier Qualification Management, Sourcing, Inventory Management, and a Contracts and Supplier Portal.

They have implemented a hybrid Cloud solution with their Oracle E-Business Suite applications. Specific integrations include: Supplier Inbound (EBS), Item Inbound (PiM), Employee Inbound (OneSource), Value Set Data – Inbound (EBS), BPA Data – Outbound (EBS).

These Oracle Cloud solutions allowed them to reduce product costs as well as modernize their purchasing processes and reduce risk across the supply chain, ultimately allowing Cummins to achieve their goal of facilitating supplier relationships with the company. This process was rolled out in phases and ultimately allowed them to develop successful repeatable processes to use with business unit roll-outs in the future.

Cummins is now also able to manage their global contracts, complete risk assessments and audits for suppliers, and track supplier certifications. Find more information about this Cloud solution case study.

Oracle Solutions By ArganoCSS For Your Enterprise

You may see your enterprise challenges reflected in the case studies described in this blog post, or you may be facing significantly different ones. Either way, we are the experienced choice to recommend, implement, and manage Oracle solutions. Please contact us online or call us at 1-800-814-7705.