JD Edwards Enterprise Resource Planning + Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud = Superior Performance

If you currently use JD Edwards, then you already know how this holistic, single-entry enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can seamlessly integrate your operations. If you are still in the consideration stage of selecting the JD Edwards application or are ready to implement or upgrade the application, we invite you to explore how ArganoCSS can help with JD Edwards ERP for these enterprise needs:

  • Financial
  • Human Capital
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Distribution
  • Project Management
  • Procurement
  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Supply Chain Logistics

The benefits of choosing this ERP solution include a faster return on investment, lower total cost of ownership, a scalable enterprise configuration that contributes to company growth, and ease of best-in-class application integration.

The other piece of this winning combination is an Oracle enterprise performance management (EPM) Cloud solution. The EPM Cloud provides your enterprise with an extremely reliable way to monitor enterprise success as it gives you the ability to have real-time information while analyzing predictive metrics. With this high visibility, you can then confidently make decisions.

Here is more information about EPM Cloud solutions.

It’s now important to consider how Cloud EPM solutions dovetail with ERP solutions. Your JD Edwards ERP integrates operational data from your enterprise to effectively manage processes from production to shipping, and everywhere in between. And, when JD Edwards ERP is integrated with other enterprise applications, the shared data exponentially increases the visibility needed for the best possible business decisions. That sharing takes place in the Cloud.

Oracle’s EPM Cloud, meanwhile, organizes financial data and streamlines resource allocations, assisting you with planning to reporting and everything in between. So, when this Cloud solution is integrated with JD Edwards, operational and financial data is blended together in an ideal way to facilitate planning, decision making, reporting and more. This integration creates a source of real-time data with a high degree of accuracy for data management, analysis and more.

Creating Your Business ERP and EPM Synergy

No two enterprises have the same requirements or the same mix of applications. It can therefore be challenging to determine what should be implemented first on what timeline and, to avoid business disruption, it’s crucial to carefully plan each step of application implementation, migration, and/or integration.

How ArganoCSS Can Help

Because Oracle continues to advance the power of JD Edwards, it’s important that your enterprise have the right version of the application. In 2017, ArganoCSS was presented with a prestigious Oracle Customer Focus Award for helping companies upgrade to JD Edwards 9.2 so they can benefit from the latest technologies. And, although we got that particular award in 2017, we’ve been implementing JD Edwards from the very beginning. In fact, no one has more experience with implementation with this application than we do, not even Oracle. And we specialize in integrating it with the Cloud to create a complete solution that’s precisely tailored to your enterprise needs.

Our consultants possess a high level of expertise and deep industry knowledge. Because resource consistency is so important, you will work with the same dedicated team with a senior consultant assigned to every single job. ArganoCSS has low turnover, which means even more resource continuity for your enterprise. ArganoCSS goes way beyond plug and play, providing you with a complete enterprise solution tailored to your unique needs and uncovering best processes and optimizing out-of-the-box functionalities.

Our team also has deep Oracle wisdom, and we are ready to help you streamline EPM Cloud solutions and integrate them with your JD Edwards ERP. This will provide you with up-to-the-minute insights into your financial and operational data so you can make informed decisions using data collated from around the world into a single, highly visible source.

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