5 Ways Oracle Support Services Help Enterprises Meet Business Goals

Oracle ERP systems are some of the most popular business tools to manage daily operations.

Systems bring a variety of benefits including increased efficiency and productivity, integrated and centralized information storage and analysis, increased mobility and flexibility – all of which can contribute to a more efficient and competitive company as a whole. However, managing an ERP system also represents a major investment for an organization, both in cost and in the alignment of technology, processes, and strategic business objectives.

Oracle product support is valuable – even essential – to resolve challenges with any ERP software. But, because of the time and effort that goes into managing an ERP system, keeping it code current, and developing industry- and business-specific functionality, many companies supplement Oracle’s internal support services with third-party providers.

Oracle partners like ArganoCSS offer Oracle support services, traditionally known as managed services, which can help with everything from ERP strategy and functional development to in-the-weeds tactical support. Oracle partners are often more niche than standard Oracle services, specializing in specific industries and sourcing their consultants with in-depth knowledge in those fields. ArganoCSS, for example, hires managed services professionals who not only know Oracle ERP systems like JD Edwards, but also have experience in construction, engineering, manufacturing, consumer goods, and professional services.

Here are five ways services from Oracle partners can help supplement Oracle support services to help you meet business goals.

1. Cut Support Costs

By choosing a third-party expert in the ERP system, enterprises can augment their team with qualified experts without the added expense of hiring full-time staff. Some companies have used managed services to save up to 10 percent on day-to-day support costs as well as implementing new functionality at less than a third of normal costs.

To ensure you get the most benefit in this area, look for an Oracle partner that offers onshore support, so you know it will be easy to quickly get in touch with a qualified expert. Look for 24/7 CNC support as well as functional support capability, which ensures that your partner is proactively monitoring your system to minimize downtime and resolve any problems as quickly as possible.

2. Reduce Training and Onboarding Requirements

The downside of a robust Oracle ERP system is the training and experience required to become proficient in the software. By using a partner Oracle support service, you get instant access to experts who already have the technical and business knowledge you need, reducing your employee training requirements.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t train your internal staff on your system, however. The best Oracle support services partners will also step in to develop training programs to ensure your in-house team can manage the system. With additional experience in ERP training, they’ll help you develop the most efficient curriculum that will meet business goals, while helping with professional development of your team.

3. Risk Management

An Oracle support services partner can take responsibility for minimizing downtime and ensuring that the critical business functions processed through the ERP are consistent and available.

A partner company can also assist in design and implementation functions, to help you put appropriate redundancy and disaster recovery systems in place. Problems can be further prevented by support and risk analysis activities, and should an issue arise, it can be resolved quickly with 24/7 technical support and problem prioritization.

4. Efficiency

ERP systems streamline business processes and increase productivity and efficiency. An Oracle support services partner helps maximize your efficiency by reducing technical interruptions and time-to-resolution of issues.

More importantly, however, Oracle partners can develop ERP strategies that prioritize the upgrades and functional development your business needs to handle more processes through your ERP more efficiently. A long-term ERP strategy will help you consistently improve efficiency so your business can do more with less, cutting costs, increasing speed, and advancing in the marketplace.

With the right partner, businesses can not only prioritize upgrades, they can implement upgrades more cost-effectively, saving up to 40 percent.

5. Align ERP Systems with Strategic Business Objectives

While some support services only provide tactical help with tickets and work orders, the most effective partners will balance that with strategy.

The best Oracle consulting partners start with expertise in Oracle systems, then combine that with industry-specific knowledge in areas like heavy civil manufacturing, consumer goods, and construction. They use that knowledge to ensure that everything you’re doing with your ERP ties back to business needs. The result is a unified IT strategy that directly furthers business results so you can meet revenue, customer acquisition, cost, and other goals.

Choose an Oracle Support Services Provider Who Knows Your Business

Oracle support services from a reputable partner can help you align your technology with your business needs to help lower costs, improve functionality, and streamline processes.

When looking for Oracle partner support for your business, find one that offers a solid balance of strategy and technical support along with expertise in your industry. Such a skill set is more likely to result in an effective long-term partnership for your business.

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