Overcoming Barriers to Cloud Computing Adoption

Benefits of Cloud computing are significant, providing companies around the globe with the ability to streamline scalable IT environments in a way that boosts efficiency while reducing costs and facilitating innovation. Despite all its benefits, though, too many companies are not yet taking advantage of all that Cloud computing has to offer, so this post will share three common barriers to Cloud computing adoption, along with tips about how to overcome them to harness the power of the Cloud for your enterprise.

Barrier #1: Reluctance Over Change Required

It’s only human nature to hesitate when considering change, especially if you feel that the way your company is operating is at least “good enough.” In today’s highly competitive global business environment, of course, when an enterprise isn’t driving success forward, it’s likely falling behind.

So, to overcome this barrier, it can help to talk to members of your team about what, specifically, they’re concerned about—and then actively listen to their answers. What they have to say may very well factor into how you transition to the Cloud and make it more successful.

It can help to talk to managers and front-line employees about commonly-held problems, and then discuss how the Cloud transition can help to solve them, whether that’s through streamlining operations, providing high visibility into the supply chain, or something else entirely.

Then, when you’re in the process of choosing a company to recommend and implement your Cloud solution, make sure to talk about how change management is built into the process. At ArganoCSS, we’ve discovered that effective organizational change management (OCM) programs allow companies to realize, on average, a return on investment of more than 140 percent. Compare that to companies with poor OCM, and the average ROI is only 35 percent.

Barrier #2: Compliance and Security Issues Involved

Virtually every company has compliance issues that need managed, with some industries—such as financial industries or medical providers—facing significantly more strict ones. Other times, your enterprise locations will play a key role in compliance issues that your company needs to address.

So, if you’re deciding whether or not now is the right time to transition, then compliance concerns are almost certainly part of the conversation. In many situations, the best answer may be the hybrid Cloud.

Wherever your company falls on the compliance spectrum, if you want to take advantage of the Cloud, it’s best to discuss concerns with your implementation partner, early on. At ArganoCSS, our Oracle consultants are highly experienced in addressing compliance requirements for global enterprises, across numerous industries, and will be more than happy to discuss solutions for yours.

Security concerns are real in the 21st century, but Oracle’s security solutions empower enterprises to implement and manage consistent, best practices security policies. Oracle makes these leading technologies available to companies of all sizes to benefit from the latest in security measures.

Barrier #3: Which Cloud?

When people think about Cloud computing, they often envision the public Cloud, where applications and data are stored alongside those of other clients that use the same third-party provider. Shared servers do provide cost savings and ease of deployment, but company decision makers may have concerns about security or lack of control over the storage.

The private Cloud, which can exist on or off-premise, can reduce concerns over a lack of control, and this solution can provide the flexibility and cost savings associated with Cloud computing. This does require more in-house expertise and may not come with the same amount of initial cost savings.

The hybrid Cloud can provide the best of both worlds, but integration takes expertise that may not exist in-house. No matter what choice appeals to your enterprise team, it makes sense to choose a highly experienced implementation partner that can maximize your technology investment. Here are issues to consider.

Cloud Transition Strategies

When the green light has been given, the Oracle consultant team at ArganoCSS will review your statement of work, budget, and more, creating a project plan for your company’s unique implementation and migration. We’ll share our recommendations, establish governance rules, and review supporting infrastructure.

Once we have confirmation that we’re meeting or exceeding your expectations for the Cloud transition, we’ll focus on more detailed planning, which will include:

  • an official project kickoff
  • functional design workshops
  • technical design workshops
  • design review
  • security planning

Our experienced team will then set up applications and validate configurations. We will:

  • load data
  • validate data
  • build integrations
  • validate integrations
  • apply extensions
  • validate extensions
  • implement security
  • and much more

As part of the Cloud transition process, consultants at ArganoCSS will customize a training plan that dovetails with your system.

We offer organizational change management services that are tailored to each level of your organization. More specifically:

  • Enterprise or organizational level: After assessing your company, we’ll create a change plan that aligns accountability and decision making, and create a process that manages the project throughout the enterprise.
  • Division, facility or department level: Here, change initiatives are formulated to quantify change impact, and focus on risk mitigation. We’ll prepare team members for the transition and strengthen change skills.
  • Project/core process, and extended teams: Throughout the lifecycle of the project, we will focus on maintaining quality functionality and productivity, while preparing team members to manage the change long after the transition is live.
  • Individual: This change management goes far beyond making sure that employees adopt new technologies, focusing on individual transformation while building a sustainability and growth culture.

ArganoCSS provides go-live support. Plus, many of our clients choose to take advantage of Oracle Managed Services, as well, to ensure they’ll have instant, ongoing access to the industry knowledge, strategy, and technical skills you need to run your business and take your technology to the next level.

To see how our clients have benefited from our expertise, we encourage you to review our case studies. To discuss how transition to the Cloud can transform your enterprise, we invite you to contact us online or call us at 1-800-814-7705 today.