Should You Take Demand Management to the Cloud?

Here are three reasons why the answer could be “yes.”

1. Demand Management is Evolving

The days of heavy reliance upon “black box” statistical forecasting engines are over. There are simply too many variables that can change daily (or even hourly) to make a traditional demand planning process or tool effective anymore—consumer preferences, prioritization and fulfillment rules, the competitive landscape, and other factors that require companies to squeeze latency out of their supply chain and shift from plan and forecast to sense and respond.

2. Cloud Apps are an Opportunity to Modernize

Successful organizations are adept at attracting and retaining talent. Most companies find that having outdated technology can be a hindrance to this objective. If modernization is a goal within an organization, cloud applications are an opportunity to support the achievement of that goal. Most legacy on-premise applications that support demand management were built on what is now considered old technology; for many, now is the time to shift gears and modernize.

3. A Focus on Enhanced Visibility

Application modernization via the cloud doesn’t only mean an improved user experience, or the infusion of current technologies: For Demand Management specifically, it means an application design shift towards enhanced visibility. Embedded analytics, dashboards, the capability to get closer to demand signals in a real-time manner and enable a sense-and-respond mindset … these are some of the things that modern cloud applications bring that are ideal for supporting current Demand Management needs.

Consider Oracle Cloud Planning Solutions

If you’re looking for a modern solution for your Demand Management needs, it’s worth taking a close look at the Oracle Cloud Planning applications. As a bonus, if you are a JD Edwards or e-Business Suite customer, ArganoCSS has developed integration templates to allow for a painless, low-risk transition into the cloud. This includes Oracle Cloud Planning to JDE, Oracle Cloud Demand Management to Oracle ASCP, and other integrated solutions. You can contact us online or call 1-800-814-7705.