World to EnterpriseOne: Turner Industries Migration and Project Success

The three C’s—communication, collaboration and cooperation—are a great tool for a smooth migration.

Turner Industries, a leader in heavy industrial construction and their state’s largest private employer, recognized the need to upgrade to a modern technology solution. They had been using JD Edwards World A9.4 since 1994 and, although they appreciated the value of World, they’d been considering EnterpriseOne for quite some time. They ultimately decided to make the switch, which would involve a large and complex upgrade.

Wondering what led to this decision?

Some of the factors included how Oracle is investing more heavily in their flagship product, EnterpriseOne, than in their World technology. Plus, Oracle Premier Support for EnterpriseOne has a longer timeframe. And, Turner was struggling to find programmers for World, as well as technical and business staff with experience in JD Edwards World. This last factor was becoming increasingly more problematic as greater numbers of their workforce edged closer to retirement.

Those were just some of the reasons why Turner Industries decided to migrate to EnterpriseOne. In this post, we’ll share more about what Darrell Hawkes, Manager of Business Systems at Turner Industries Group, had to say about the migration when he shared insights with our partner, Quest.

Highlights of the Migration Project

Although Turner executives thoughtfully took their time as they analyzed whether they should make the migration, once the green light was given, ArganoCSS helped them to migrate to World to EnterpriseOne in 18 months.

For context, the JD Edwards footprint consisted of the following: HCM, Financials, Manufacturing, Fixed Assets, Job Costs, CAM, ETO and Project Manufacturing. During the migration, Turner remained on the IBM i-Series.

Why? This allowed them the use of some RPG custom programs. This in turn would reduce training and development time. When BI Publisher was implemented, the company could eliminate a few third-party solutions.

We’ll share even more specifics about the migration in this post and you can read more at Quest Oracle Community.

Reasons for Moving from JDE World to EnterpriseOne

In his Quest interview, Hawkes shared several reasons, including Oracle’s investment in and support timeframe for EnterpriseOne and the difficulty in hiring team members with experience in World. He also named several more reasons, including:

  • EnterpriseOne’s modern user interface: Millennials at Turner Industries preferred this technology over World, and it was important to have solutions that appealed to younger workers.
  • EnterpriseOne’s additional capabilities: This included ETO/Project Manufacturing.
  • core functionalities: This reduced the need for customizations and bolt-on applications, which would position them more effectively for future growth and scalability.

Turner Industries desired to keep up with technology and this migration allowed them to accomplish that, while also leveraging the knowledge of Turner Industries’ employees.

Migration Challenges

One significant challenge involved addressing customizations, with the fabrication/manufacturing application and payroll system having plenty of them. Because this company issues more than 40,000 W2s, a smooth payroll transition was vital. And, because the company’s fabrication business is crucial to the company’s operations, a prototype of how this application would work in EnterpriseOne was created for testing purposes—and, when that prototype was a success, the project moved forward.

Yes, there were challenges; for example, in the upgrading of the payroll and pipe fabrication applications. Plus, Turner had thousands of reports—in World Writer, Dream Writer, and FASTR—so Reports Now was implemented and the company is now building One View reports. Plus, ArganoCSS needed to train RPG programmers on EnterpriseOne.

Benefits of Migrating to JDE EnterpriseOne

Benefits, Hawkes said, have been tremendous, including:

  • greater access to data
  • ease of use
  • configurable grids
  • full-table field visibility
  • more descriptive pages

Customizations were minimized in EnterpriseOne. In World, Hawkes said, Turner had more than 3,000 modified objects. “So,” he explained, “our goal was to use the standard EnterpriseOne processes and be as vanilla as possible”—something that was successfully accomplished.

Hawkes believes in the three-C approach of communicating, collaborating, and cooperating. “Our project,” he added, “was well-planned and tightly controlled, but there was also honest and open feedback throughout the entire thing.”

Looking Forward to the Future

Turner Industries has never been a company to rest on its laurels, and they don’t plan to with their upgraded technology. Plans include:

  • looking at Café One
  • implementing more Watchlists
  • staying code current
  • taking annual application updates
  • taking tools updates even more often
  • leveraging new work order functionality for specialty and scaffolding groups

Here’s more about ArganoCSS involvement.

ArganoCSS JDE Consultants and Managed Support

During this upgrade, Oracle consultants at ArganoCSS implemented the comprehensive JDE suite, which includes Financials, Job Cost, Contract/Service Billing, Subcontracts, Procurement, Capital Asset Management, Time and Labor, HR and Payroll–ETO, Work Orders, Advanced Pricing, and Inventory Management.

ArganoCSS used out-of-the-box functionality, integrating solutions as required for custom needs. To successfully manage the World to Enterprise upgrade, our special considerations took place around:

  • ETO fabrication
  • a custom Quality module
  • time capture programs
  • planning

The result? Leveraged functionality to optimally position the company for growth and expansion, providing them with high visibility throughout the company. This upgraded technology will allow Turner to meet client and partner needs with confidence, both now and into the future. Managed services by ArganoCSS’s tenured on-shore consultants, meanwhile, freed up the Turner team to focus on business operations and growth.

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