E-Business Suite Cloud Migration

Benefits of moving Oracle E-Business Suite to the Cloud (EBS2C™) are significant, including faster integration times that allow your business to immediately benefit from new innovations and functionalities at a reduced cost, along with capabilities for a quicker response to market—which is vital in today’s ultra-competitive world—and much more. What’s crucial is to implement your enterprise resource planning (ERP) Cloud solution in a way that dovetails with your company’s challenges and goals. We can help.

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Customized ERP Cloud Migration Plan

Each company is unique with individualized needs, goals, and uses of technology. So, it’s important that your ERP Cloud transition is considered to precisely fit your enterprise needs. A smaller company, for example, may migrate all of its ERP application processes to the Cloud in one transition and rollout. A larger company, meanwhile, may migrate one division of its operations to the Cloud to reap its benefits, moving subsequent divisions in a carefully planned phased rollout schedule. Other companies may prefer rollouts based upon lines of business. Options exist and CSS can help you select the path that fits best for your business needs and accommodates your tolerance for change. Where do you fall on readiness?

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Cloud vs. On-Premise

  • Speedy integrations for real-time access to new functionalities and innovations
  • Enhanced ability to compete in today’s ultra-fast business world
  • Access to world-class technologies at reduced costs
  • Ease of scalability, including but not limited to customized rollout times
  • Freed up human resource talent used in more strategic ways
  • Customized implementations by Oracle solutions experts at CSS
10 Signs It's Time To Move

Our Work with EBS2C®

CSS is working with one of the world’s largest fuel companies on their goals to remove their E-Business Suite footprint and replace it end-to-end with Cloud applications. This organization has selected a phased approach and will implement Cloud in operating units all over the world. Their first phases include Procurement Cloud and Financials Cloud. While maintaining a hybrid model now, the company has a project plan to transform all processes with Cloud long-term.

E-Business Suite Cloud Integration

Continuing Innovation with Cloud

Customers who have implemented Cloud for cost saving reasons are staying with their choice because of the innovation that the solutions bring. In a recent ERP Trends survey, respondents agreed on the true value Cloud solutions deliver.

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Tools & Approach

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Not Sure If You're Ready for Cloud?

CSS can help you determine if Cloud solutions apply to your needs. We are offering a fully guided, in-depth dialogue for organizations considering Cloud. A remote discussion with key stakeholders and considerations for factors affecting your business including:

  • New Customer Demands
  • New Competition
  • New Products / Portfolio
  • Organization Restructuring
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • New Legislation

We’ll provide an honest, consultative perspective on how Cloud may impact your business.

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