JD Edwards Cloud Migration

Successful JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and JD Edwards World customers are looking to define their path to the Cloud. We are here to help you get ready for the future while realizing immediate benefits.


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Tailoring Your ERP Cloud Migration Plan

Oracle has been investing in advances like AI, ML, IoT & Blockchain which are only available in the cloud to help create competitive advantages for your business, in your industry and where it counts.

By going from JD Edwards to the Cloud, customers are reducing their TCO by over 50% and increasing their ROI by 4x. CSS has Cloud and JD Edwards resources to help you determine the best way forward and with the lowest possible risk.

CSS’ approach, JDE2C™, brings immediate benefits and new functionalities and innovations with a quicker response to market—which is crucial in today’s ultra-competitive world—at a reduced cost.

It may be that your company benefits the most by migrating your ERP solution to the Cloud in one transition and rollout. Or, to migrate one division or business line, and then reap its benefits before continuing your carefully planned rollout schedule. The good news is you have options in your transformational journey. Cloud is within your reach and we can help chart the course.


JDE Cloud - Path to Transformation

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Cloud vs. On-Premise

  • Speedy integrations for real-time access to new functionalities and innovations
  • Enhanced ability to compete in today’s ultra-fast business world
  • Access to world-class technologies at reduced costs
  • Ease of scalability, including but not limited to customized rollout times
  • Freed up human resource talent used in more strategic ways
  • Optimized implementations by Oracle certified Cloud experts at CSS
Transitioning ERP to the Cloud

Our Work With JDE2C

CSS has worked on a major transformation for one of America’s most beloved sports organizations, replacing their legacy JD Edwards ERP with end-to-end Cloud solutions from Oracle. The sports giant sought to consolidate multiple instances and modernize across the multi-site organization to eliminate manual processes and work as one. What’s holding you back from transformation?

JD Edwards Cloud Integration

Be Future Ready

Outpace change with Oracle Cloud, a comprehensive and connected enterprise solution, helps organizations large and small thrive by discovering hidden insight, predicting future scenarios, and minimizing routine tasks with intelligent automation. Drive your organization forward and:

  • Slash TCO by simplifying systems; only pay for software you need
  • Transform employee work from tedious to stimulating
  • Expand globally with no constraints and next-gen technologies
  • Advance decision-making with real-time graphical reports & analytics
  • Control risks with current, secure and compliant applications

Continuing Innovation with Cloud

Customers who have implemented Cloud for cost saving reasons are staying with their choice because of the innovation that the solutions bring. In a recent ERP Trends survey, respondents agreed on the true value Cloud solutions deliver.

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Tools & Approach

JD Edwards to Cloud Migration Tools

CSS Oracle Consultants Approach – JDE to Cloud

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Not Sure If You're Ready for Cloud?

CSS can help you determine if Cloud solutions apply to your needs. We are offering a fully guided, in-depth dialogue for organizations considering Cloud. A remote discussion with key stakeholders and considerations for factors affecting your business including:

  • New Customer Demands
  • New Competition
  • New Products / Portfolio
  • Organization Restructuring
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • New Legislation

We’ll provide an honest, consultative perspective on how Cloud may impact your business.

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