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When it’s time to upgrade your ERP system, it’s crucial that all goes well since your ERP is a critical component of your technology footprint. That’s why our JD Edwards consultants tailor ERP solutions to your company’s needs. Whether you need a straightforward technical upgrade or a more complex solution, you’ll want our experience on your side.

Proven ArganoCSS JDE Upgrade Approaches

Because not all upgrades are equal, we also offer straightforward options. With JDE managed services by ArganoCSS, we can schedule regular routine upgrades so you can stay current. This allows you to obtain the maximum value from your investments in software. With a simple technical upgrade, we add new features to your existing solution, again keeping all current to extract maximum value. Sometimes, customization can bring value but development and testing procedures can be significant, so we identify value-added items to preserve and others to retire, modernizing solutions within a fixed scope.

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Customized JD Edwards ERP Solutions

We offer technical upgrades with a fixed scope so you can go live more quickly. We can manage your upgrades in multiple phases, whether that’s by geography, by Oracle module, by the line of business, or by any combination of factors. Multi-phased projects are managed in a way to minimize risk throughout the process with opportunities for change management provided along the way. Plus, ArganoCSS offers a full range of re-implementation options that incorporate best practices and accommodate your current business model.

The ArganoCSS Advantage: Confidence with Complex JD Edwards Upgrades

ArganoCSS was awarded the 2017 Oracle Award for ‘Getting Customers to 9.2 with Success’. We’ve been delivering routine and complex upgrades of Oracle solutions for more than 20 years. Our close partnership with Oracle allows us to confidently provide proven approaches to even the most complex, multi-phased go-lives. When you can’t reasonably risk one single go-live switch, you can count on our experienced ERP consultant team to keep your enterprise functioning on old solutions while portions are being upgraded. The multi-phased approach allows you to alleviate risk, accommodate training and support requirements, and conduct critical change management. We bring consistency of resources and unmatched experience to every project.

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JD Edwards Upgrades FAQs

First, consider your business goals and what you want to accomplish with your upgrade. This is crucial information to share with the team that will upgrade your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne application—and, to help ensure that you collect as much important data as possible, it can make sense to talk to people in multiple teams in your company. This includes executive-level leaders, as well as IT professionals and end-users in numerous departments that perform a range of duties.

As part of this process, it can make sense to form a cross-functional or cross-departmental team that’s specifically tasked with providing feedback on the JD Edwards upgrade, from the information gathering stage to when you’re choosing a vendor to update the application to after it’s implemented and being tested.

Questions this team can help to answer include the following:

  • What does your current version still do well for you?
  • What doesn’t it do that’s important to your company?
  • What gaps exist in their relevant functionalities?
  • What modules do you use the most?
  • Which ones do you have but don’t use to full capacity?
  • What are the challenges you will likely face during the upgrade?

When answering the last question, think about the technology, as well as the people involved, the processes used, and more. Overall, it’s important to consider how Cloud integration can transform your JD Edwards technology.

When you’re seeking a vendor to manage your upgrade, it’s generally best when the vendor also asks your company questions, making it a two-way conversation to create the optimal solution. These questions would be about your current technology, as well as your business processes and goals, the challenges you face—both with your business operations and your technology—customizations and modifications you’ve made in your technology, and more.

It’s important for your JD Edwards vendor to gain a good sense of your technology and business applications to determine how your JD Edwards ERP solution would best fit within overall business operations to drive the company forward in an optimal way.

Share the information gleaned from your JD Edwards team, ideally made up of people from multiple departments and levels and types of responsibility. What do they need the upgraded ERP solution to do?  What concerns do they have?

Ask your vendor which EnterpriseOne application release would be best for your company; how long it will take to implement the upgrade; what kind of training may be needed afterward; what kind of support the JD Edwards vendor provides during and after the implementation; what the upgrade will cost; its benefits and cost savings; and whatever else is important to your company. Also, ask how Cloud integration can maximize your technology and optimize visibility at a total lower cost of operation.

If you have questions we can answer, we invite you to contact our experienced Oracle-only consultant team online or call 1-800-814-7705.

ArganoCSS was awarded the Oracle Award for ‘Getting Customers to 9.2 with Success,’ and we offer a wide range of upgrades, from technical ones with a fixed scope and faster go-live times to more complex ones, including those that are implemented in multiple phases. We minimize risk throughout the upgrading process, incorporating best practices in a way that dovetails with your business model.

Plus, we are organizational change management (OCM) pros. We recognize how companies that incorporate OCM programs realize an average ROI of more than 140%. Compare that to companies with poor OCM processes; they average an ROI of 35%.

We’ve been upgrading Oracle solutions for more than 20 years in close partnership with Oracle, including integrating JD Edwards into the Cloud, which means we can tackle even the most complex projects. If you have questions or are ready to get started, call 1-800-814-7705.

Managed services help companies like yours to maximize technology investments, such as with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. This allows executive teams to focus on business growth, and IT teams to take on more crucial tasks that add value to the business.

Other terms for “managed services” include:

  • outsourced IT provider
  • IT service management
  • IT services support
  • IT management consulting services
  • application managed services
  • application managed support
  • technology service support
  • fully managed IT services

Our Oracle-only managed services team helps you to continue to optimize applications to stay ahead of your competition, working as an extension of your staff. You’re invited to receive a free JD Edwards managed services evaluation to discuss how we can help you boost functionality and improve operational efficiencies at a lower cost.

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