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The benefits of the Cloud for enterprises have become so significant that companies are adopting a Cloud-First approach for enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. Cloud solutions can be a force multiplier for benefits — whether it’s an end-to-end transformation or a hybrid model.

Why Migrate to Oracle Cloud?

Oracle provides the most complete business software, engineered from inception to provide unmatched performance, security, and manageability. How your enterprise will use the Cloud will differ, and so will our consulting services, based on what applications you have in the Cloud; what you plan to migrate there, and when; what you intend to keep on-premise for the foreseeable future; whether you use private or public Cloud, or a hybrid Cloud; and where you are in the Cloud lifecycle.

Your company’s culture and tolerance for change will also have an impact. If there are barriers to adoption, we can help you breakthrough and start realizing the value of modern solutions. Our consulting expertise provides benefits across the full lifecycle of your Cloud journey.

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Benefits of a Cloud-First Approach

Enterprises that follow a Cloud-First philosophy don’t necessarily use the Cloud for all applications. Rather, whenever they are ready to begin a new IT project, or to upgrade, update, or refresh ERP solutions, they consider the technology of the Cloud to solve challenges first. That way, whenever possible, the company benefits from the massive power of the Cloud.

Clients Ask "Why Not Cloud Now?"

Oracle Cloud Consulting Services for Implementation and Migration

Experienced ArganoCSS consultants can implement the Cloud ERP as a stand-alone solution or we can integrate it with JD Edwards and E-Business Suite. We provide these solutions to companies in numerous industries, creating holistic solutions that are tailored to your enterprise needs. We strategically plan migrations, often in multiple phases, as your applications are migrated to take full advantage of Cloud functionalities.

Oracle Cloud Consulting Service Options with ArganoCSS: JDE2C / EBS2C

ArganoCSS offers a path to Cloud for companies on JD Edwards or E-Business Suite so that you can continue to leverage your core ERP or move end-to-end to a Cloud footprint. We offer hands-on, deep industry and application knowledge, our own unique approach, and benefits and insights based on our in-depth experience with Oracle Cloud.

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Oracle Cloud Consulting Services FAQs

Cloud solutions provide faster integration times for your applications, and they also streamline collaborative capabilities, which allows you to speed up your response to the market, giving your enterprise a competitive advantage. You can quickly and easily access the Cloud through mobile devices, which enrich the social capabilities of Cloud solutions, and business intelligence can be embedded in the Cloud. Oracle Cloud consultants from ArganoCSS can help you to implement, integrate, and configure solutions in a way that’s tailored to your enterprise’s unique business model, needs and goals. Oracle Cloud delivers measurable results, serving as the intersection of ease, agility, and choice. Contact ArganoCSS to find your Oracle consultants by calling 1-800-814-7705 or by contacting us online.

As an Oracle Cloud Select Partner and a Cloud Excellence Implementor, we will partner with you to ensure the best Cloud solution is selected for your organization, and then develop an implementation plan to keep your business moving forward as applications are migrated and integrated. Some enterprises require phased migrations while others need accelerated ones; some companies seek stand-alone implementations while others benefit from hybrid solutions. No matter which of these approaches will work best for your business needs, the Oracle Cloud consultants at ArganoCSS are highly experienced in providing strategic, modern and holistic solutions across industries—in fact, we have over seven years of Oracle Cloud experience. Our consultants provide the best of Oracle wisdom using a hands-on approach, combining that wisdom with deep industry knowledge and application certifications. We support you throughout the migration and help you to leverage and optimize Cloud solution benefits. To get started, contact Oracle Cloud consultants at ArganoCSS by calling 1-800-814-7705 or by contacting us online.

Oracle Cloud solutions come in many shapes and sizes. For some companies, going all-in with an Oracle Cloud solution makes perfect sense and, in select instances, a private Cloud has benefits. For other companies, a hybrid model makes better sense—and, in upcoming years, the hybrid Cloud is expected to be the most common choice made by enterprises. Oracle consultants at ArganoCSS can guide you through the process to determine if the hybrid Cloud is right for your company. We’ve done more hybrid projects than most Oracle partners in the Oracle Partner Network and were amongst the first to deliver successfully.

As for the benefits of a hybrid solution, enterprises typically have so many workloads to manage that some will likely fit better in a private application and others in a public one. Application development, for example, often makes good sense in a public Cloud so collaboration can take place across IT teams. Some private records, though, would not belong in a public solution, which makes a hybrid solution the best choice to manage workloads.

Plus, different solutions come with different costs, and a hybrid choice typically allows enterprises to effectively optimize costs. Companies with seasonal sales may choose one solution for more typical activities, then use the public Cloud to manage overflow during busy times. Some companies like to test relevant applications in a public Cloud first and then migrate select ones. The bottom line is that Oracle Cloud solutions can be used in multiple ways, tailored to each enterprise’s unique needs. To find out what will work best for you, contact Oracle Cloud consultants at ArganoCSS by calling 1-800-814-7705 or by contacting us online.

The enterprise performance management (EPM) Cloud solution by Oracle is the most comprehensive and connected EPM solution available in today’s market. Choosing this Cloud solution gives your enterprise the flexibility and agility you need to have a competitive advantage in today’s always-evolving business environment.

Oracle consultants at ArganoCSS can help you to seamlessly move your EPM solution to the Cloud. This saves your enterprise from the disruption of on-premise upgrades and allows you to complete forecasts and create comprehensive reporting much more quickly, among other benefits. You can benefit from a higher return on investment with a lower total cost of ownership, with a built-in ability to leverage best practices and stay current with the best and latest in technology. Whether you run JD Edwards or Oracle EBS, ArganoCSS can integrate EPM Cloud for better analysis and reporting, as we’ve done for our JD Edwards client, Graniterock, and EBS client Blue Nile. To migrate your on-premise solution to the EPM Cloud, contact Oracle Cloud consultants at ArganoCSS by calling 1-800-814-7705 or by contacting us online.

Since the Cloud First philosophy was first discussed in 2010, increasing numbers of businesses have become interested in it, including those who use Oracle enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. In Cloud First, you consider Cloud usage first any time you’re planning to upgrade or update your ERP solution. By committing to this philosophy, you also consider the Cloud any time you’re about to start an IT project. This way, your enterprise can benefit from Cloud power any time a particular application benefits from being on the Cloud. And, any time that an on-premise solution makes more sense, then on-premise it goes (or stays).

If your company currently uses an on-premise ERP solution, such as E-Business Suite or JD Edwards, our experienced consultants can share how an integrated Oracle solution can help your enterprise in several ways, including saving money, boosting innovation, and otherwise becoming more nimble. If you’re ready for Cloud migration, we’ll help you design a flexible hybrid architecture to move applications to the Cloud in a way that won’t interrupt business. We can support your IT team during this beneficial shift, providing training, support, and more as your successful streamlined Cloud First plan develops and manifests. To discuss your needs, contact Oracle Cloud consultants at ArganoCSS by calling 1-800-814-7705 or by contacting us online.

There are numerous ways to benefit from moving demand planning functions to Oracle Cloud Demand Management, including the ability of ArganoCSS consultants to create unique customer-centric solutions. Your company can then easily obtain real-time demand signals, then nimbly adapt and respond, especially valuable in volatile market situations. Your enterprise benefits from a lower total cost of ownership, no longer responsible for the IT infrastructure management that supports demand planning applications—or costs associated with this infrastructure.

Additional benefits of Cloud-based demand planning include streamlined operational efficiencies that occur in part because the same foundation will be anchoring demand planning and supply planning. Productivity improves as your team can access the precise, real-time data you need, without worrying about the timeliness of information because of the seamless connections among systems. Collaboration is naturally boosted and communications improved.

With Oracle Cloud Demand Management, your enterprise can also benefit from improved customer service, boosted security, and much more. One of the most important benefits is the seamlessness of upgrades: When you need to upgrade on-premise solutions, the result includes a period of business interruption. Fulfillment naturally slows during interrupted productivity, which has a negative impact on profitability. Compare this to Cloud solutions for demand planning, when upgrades are typically rolled out during non-peak times and/or on non-business days, or otherwise in a manner that has a minimal effect on business operations. Review how we helped client LiDestri Foods implement planning in the cloud. To discuss your needs, contact Oracle Cloud consultants at ArganoCSS by calling 1-800-814-7705 or by contacting us online.

Businesses of all sizes want to provide a quality experience for end-users of procurement applications. Because of the power of the Cloud, small, medium, large, and enterprise-sized businesses can effectively manage supply chains, lower costs, and provide quality products and customer service—all while leveraging the power of enterprise resource planning solutions.

If your company is considering or plans to deploy Oracle Cloud procurement with an on-premise ERP solution, it’s important to first be clear about your procurement requirements. Oracle consultants from ArganoCSS an help you to determine which high-risk vendors should not be included and whether contract term negotiation should be part of your company’s sourcing cycle or part of the contract execution stage, as just two examples. It’s important to also ensure you have the best integration strategy for your needs, with “best” defined differently for direct versus indirect purchasing organizations. ArganoCSS consultants were amongst the first to implement and integrate Procurement Cloud to on-premise solutions. Review how we helped Skanska USA and a Fortune 100 fuel company. Contact Oracle Cloud consultants at ArganoCSS by calling 1-800-814-7705 or by contacting us online.

This is when your enterprise can benefit from the Advanced Cloud Services—a managed services offering provided by the experienced Oracle Cloud consultants at ArganoCSS. We provide instant access to the information you need, when you need it, to maximize your technology investment. Our experts provide deep functional expertise on an ongoing basis in a way that dovetails with your enterprise objectives. Consider us an extension of your staff, a team that keeps you ahead of the competition. Our Oracle Cloud consultants will help you continue to boost functionality while improving efficiencies at a lowered cost. To get the most from your system, contact our Oracle Cloud consultants by calling 1-800-814-7705 or by contacting us online.

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