Oracle EBS Consulting Services

ArganoCSS is a leading Oracle-only systems integrator and an award-winning partner in the Oracle Partner Network (OPN).

Our experienced Oracle E-Business Suite consultant team can help you across the lifecycle of your enterprise needs, from choosing the best applications for implementation, integration, upgrading, providing managed services, and more. No matter what you need, our EBS consultants can provide a solution.

Expert EBS Consulting Services Combined with the Power of Change Management

Oracle EBS consultants at ArganoCSS have been helping enterprises like yours implement, upgrade, and manage enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for two decades. That means your company benefits from our time-tested methodologies as we maximize your ERP investment.

As your solution becomes increasingly more powerful, we continue to provide change management services to seamlessly align enterprise processes with EBS modules without business interruption. We can provide ERP solutions that facilitate modernization within a fixed scope, help you determine value-added items to preserve an outdated one to retire, and more.

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EBS Consulting for the Full Spectrum of Upgrades

No two enterprises are alike, and neither are their upgrade needs.

Our EBS consultants provide solutions across the spectrum, from simple technical updates that add features and functionalities to your current system, to highly complex updates.

Complex EBS upgrades can include processes that require de-customization to take full advantage of out-of-the-box functionality at a lower total cost of operation. Oracle consultants at ArganoCSS provide solutions that dovetail with enterprise needs, whether that means a fixed-scope solution with shorter go-live times to a multi-phased process, segmented by module, line of business, geography, or something uniquely yours.

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We provide EBS solutions to medium, large, and enterprise-sized companies across multiple industries. ArganoCSS helps businesses select, implement, integrate, and manage ERP solutions and Cloud solutions, with our experienced EBS consulting team combining premiere Oracle wisdom.

A senior consultant with an average of 20 years of Oracle experience works on every project. The ArganoCSS team provides a hands-on, customized approach and our low turnover provides you with resource consistency, from beginning to end.

If you have questions or are ready to discuss your company’s needs with our Oracle E-Business Suite consultant team, call 1-800-814-7705.

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Oracle EBS Consulting FAQs

Our Oracle EBS consulting team provides services that span the entire lifecycle of the application. We consult with your enterprise team to determine what solutions make the most sense for your unique needs and provide implementations, integrations, managed services, and more. We specialize in integrating EBS with the Oracle Cloud and assign a senior consultant with deep industry wisdom and an average of 20 years of Oracle experience to each project. Our clients can count on a hands-on, customized approach in everything we do and, because ArganoCSS has such low turnover, you can be assured of resource consistency throughout. We also provide change management consulting to provide the smoothest transitions possible. If you’re ready to talk to an Oracle E-Business suite consultant about what you need, please contact us online today or call 1-800-814-7705.

As a leading Oracle-only systems integrator, ArganoCSS is an award-winning specialized partner in the Oracle Partner Network (OPN). When you choose ArganoCSS as your EBS consultant, you can count on a highly experienced team that can provide the solutions you need across the lifecycle of your Oracle needs. This ranges from when you need to select the best applications for your enterprise to implementing, integrating, and upgrading EBS, including integrating it with the Oracle Cloud. As your company’s partner throughout the application’s lifecycle, our EBS consulting team offers change management guidance, managed services, and more. Here’s our promise: Whatever you need, our EBS consultants can provide a solution. If you’d like to discuss how we can help your company, please contact us online today or call 1-800-814-7705.

We recognize that no two upgrade needs are alike, so our Oracle EBS consulting team provides solutions across the entire upgrading spectrum. These include:

  • simple technical solutions when you’re ready to benefit from additional features and functionalities from EBS
  • fixed-scope solutions with a shorter go-live timeline
  • complex EBS upgrades, including those that need de-customization so your company can benefit fully from out-of-the-box functionalities with a lower TCO
  • multi-phased upgrades, segmented in ways that make sense for your business: by module, by geography, by the line of business or something else entirely

No two businesses are the same and we’ve provided upgrades for companies around the world, from medium- to large-sized organizations to global enterprises, across numerous industries. To discuss your unique needs with an Oracle E-Business Suite consultant, please contact us online today or call 1-800-814-7705.

From the start, we acknowledge that no two companies have the same goals, challenges, opportunities, systems, processes, or structure, so from day one, we focus on learning exactly what your business needs to optimize your applications and maximize the positive impact of your technology. We assign a senior EBS consultant to every project, one with deep industry wisdom and an average of 20 years of Oracle experience. We provide a hands-on approach, along with resource consistency, something we’re able to do because of our low turnover. Our Oracle E-Business Suite consultant team has the experience and knowledge to provide the solutions you need across the application’s lifecycle, from recommending applications and approaches, to implementing, integrating, upgrading, offering managed serviceschange management consulting, EBS integration with the Oracle Cloud, and more. To get started, please contact us online today or call 1-800-814-7705.

ArganoCSS is an Oracle Cloud Go-to Partner, and our EBS consultants specialize in exponentially increasing the agility of medium or large companies and enterprises. Combining EBS with the power of the Oracle Cloud allows companies to:

  • respond nimbly to challenges
  • manage regulatory issues
  • robustly grow
  • seamlessly adapt to new applications and/or technologies
  • benefit from lower costs
  • reduce risk factors
  • and much more

Oracle consultants at ArganoCSS are uniquely positioned to work closely with your company because of our in-depth experience with E-Business Suite, Cloud solutions, and Oracle. We work right alongside your enterprise to determine needs, challenges, and opportunities, then create tailored solutions that dovetail with your business requirements. To get started, please contact our EBS consultants online today or call 1-800-814-7705.

Our EBS consultant team maximizes the benefits of the Cloud, whether you need a private, public, or hybrid solution. Benefits include:

  • faster integration times
  • quicker response times to market/partner community
  • embedded business intelligence
  • enriched social capabilities
  • easy access to mobile devices
  • measurable results

Your company will be able to respond more nimbly to issues ranging from globalization challenges to divestitures, acquisitions, regulatory changes, and much more. Plus, the beauty of the Cloud is that your IT team can:

  • respond promptly to changes without daily operations being interrupted
  • scale infrastructure, as needed, when needed, and without paying upfront for capital expenditures
  • adeptly manage issues in the development and test environments

Any third-party components in your EBS application can be seamlessly deployed to the Oracle Cloud, and your company can host system-integrated applications while still benefiting from faster integration times and measurable results.

You can find more information about our EBS Cloud integration services, as well as case studies of businesses that have likely faced similar challenges as yours. To get started, please contact our EBS consultants online today or call 1-800-814-7705.

Contact us today! You can reach our consultants online or by calling 1-800-814-7705. We provide customized solutions across the EBS lifecycle, including but not limited to integrations with Oracle Cloud. We can help you extend your technology footprint, connect with customers, streamline to-market speed, adopt new technologies, and manage growth with customized Oracle solutions. Let’s get started!

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