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Oracle EPM: Enterprise Performance Management Implementation

In today’s digital economy, your executive team needs an extremely reliable way to monitor the success of your business, and gather up-to-the-minute information and analyze predictive metrics to make decisions about its future. Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Solutions, including EPM Cloud or on-premise Hyperion, allows you to proceed with confidence in your decision making—and CSS has the proven experience to implement your modern financial solution.

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What is the Value of EPM to Your Organization?

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    Reduced Cash conversion cycles and boosted productivity

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    Enterprise savings exceeding investment

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    Reduction in planning and budgeting cycles and financial close windows

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    Improved forecast accuracy and production errors

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    Better cash conversion cycle which helps boost profitability

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    Better alignment of strategic plans to tactical actions

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    Increased management efficiency through faster and better decision making

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    Integration to on-premise solutions

Benefits of Moving EPM Management to the Cloud

Oracle’s EPM Trends 2017 report lists the following benefits, along with the percentage of users who have experienced those benefits:

  • Staying current on technology/upgrades (75%)
  • Faster deployment (71%)
  • Improvement in service received (66%)
  • Improved flexibility (62%)
  • Access for more of our users (61%)
  • Better data governance (59%)
  • More accurate numbers (50%)
  • Industry capabilities (48%)
  • Improved security (41%)

Fix Operational Reporting with EPM Management

According to the 2017 Oracle trends report, “Reporting is the important insight into both transactional (ERP) and management (EPM) processes, particularly in highlighting issues that need to be addressed and resolved.” This study shows that operational reports are more problematic. With Oracle’s EPM management system, however, multiple lines of business can share their expertise to create “accurate, timely, concise and easily understandable reports for a wide range of stakeholders.”

Don’t Underestimate the EPM Implementation Process

It isn’t unusual for companies to underestimate what’s involved in implementing an enterprise project management system, at least when it comes to change management needs. The professionals at CSS are highly experienced at implementing the system and in facilitating a sustainable way for your team to plan and manage your projects. Embrace change. Win at technology. 

CSS for Your EPM Management

Our consultants have deep industry experience and hands-on knowledge that, when combined with their Oracle wisdom, can allow you to streamline the implementation of your EPM system, whether that’s an on-premise solution like Hyperion, or EPM Cloud. This will give you up-to-the-minute information about your company’s operational and financial data, gathered from diverse sources, and provide crucial analytical and predictive information. This allows you to make informed decisions using data collated from around the globe.

EPM Solutions That Meet Your Individual Needs

No two enterprises are alike—and you’re likely to have differing informational needs by geographical region, by product line, and by customer. That’s why we review your specific needs and leverage the power of Oracle enterprise systems to offer you holistic management solutions. Let us implement a system that will gather together disparate data, fill in the gaps, analyze inputs, and provide predictive data to add visibility and value across your enterprise. We have extensive experience with Oracle’s on-premise solution, Hyperion, and the EPM Cloud solution and can help you determine the path that’s right for your organization. 

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