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Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Cloud provides an integrated, efficient, and effective solution for your corporate project and financial management needs. Your company can collaboratively make smarter business decisions using real-time information to meet customer demand, giving stakeholders access to analytics along with insightful performance reporting. Companies of all sizes can devise holistic solutions using the Oracle PPM Cloud, ones that seamlessly align strategy with operations.

A Complete Project Management Cloud Solution

Oracle PPM Cloud is the modern solution for profit-centric enterprises. Its integrated project-based financial management helps companies to drive profitability while executing on projects that can range from simple to complex. This comprehensive solution can transform the way profit-driven companies operate through the availability of a single source-of-project truth with actionable performance metrics tracked at every level of the project. Communications take place in secure, collaborative ways, with mobile and embedded social capabilities creating a team-based environment with interactive, role-based dashboards.

Elements of the Oracle PPM Cloud include project management; resource management; task management; project cost control; project billing and contracts; grants management; and analytics. Tools available throughout the Cloud solution are simple and intuitive, easily yet securely accessed.


Oracle PPM Cloud Project Management Challenges

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Oracle PPM Cloud Benefits

Oracle’s PPM Cloud solution leverages a contemporary user experience with analytic, social, and mobile capabilities. Coupled with ArganoCSS’ implementation and consulting experience, clients have realized value in weeks not months, including:

  • Profitable project management capabilities
  • High visibility into project details, including financial ones
  • Real-time insights into each project
  • Ability to collaborate and make smarter decisions
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting
  • Reduced costs and quicker return on investment
  • Flexible scalability

Powerful Oracle PPM Cloud Analytics

This Oracle PPM Cloud solution provides your company with actionable insights into your projects, including performance trends, with intuitive tools giving you access to live project data. Dashboards are interactive and role-based. Plus, contextual business intelligence is embedded into the application, to provide unique insights and guide user decision making. ArganoCSS can ensure you leverage the power of the out-of-the-box analytics to produce custom, the-way-you-want-see-them reports.

Other Benefit Opportunities

Cost Controls & Grants

Oracle PPM Cloud allows your company to simplify your project planning, including budgeting and forecasting. When we implement, you’ll leverage project costing, standardizing processes, and streamlining tasks, while capturing costs for project control including:

  • Procurement
  • Time and labor
  • External systems
  • Capital assets

As far as the nuts and bolts of financial management, you can invoice customers from the application, easily and efficiently, while also complying with contract terms, leveraging contract relationships, attributing revenues appropriately, and more.

When receiving grant funding, awards can be proactively managed from when you are funded until the account is closed out. You can address spending controls and avoid overspend on grant-funded projects, apply and report on indirect costs, invoice sponsors, drawdown via letters of credit, and more.

Project, Resource, and Task Management

Oracle PPM Cloud facilitates collaborative planning, with simplified scheduling tools integrated into the application. For complete product lifecycle management, this Cloud solution can be integrated with Oracle Innovation Management and Product Development. For a unified work experience, project and non-project tasks are located in one place, with team members having the ability to gain insights into a project’s status with one single click. Embedded social tools facilitate interactions through task conversations, and allow participants to annotate documents.

When in need of resources, this Cloud solution provides companies with powerful search tools, and ways to organize and monitor hierarchical resource pools, with global insights provided into resource availability.

ArganoCSS Cloud Blueprint

Your roadmap to realizing business value.

Our Blueprint process is designed to provide your company with a comprehensive roadmap to transform your on-premise platform to the state-of-the-art Oracle Cloud solution. Our industry specialists will help you develop an all-inclusive vision for your migration project that address your business needs, challenges, and goals.

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