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When you choose Oracle Procurement Cloud, you’re selecting a solution that has 180+ best practices out of the box and manages your complete procurement processes and requirements. No matter your size or complexity, you can provide a streamlined procurement experience while controlling costs and managing risk.

Cloud Solution From Source to Settle

ArganoCSS was amongst the first Oracle partners to implement strategic Procurement Cloud for organizations running Oracle ERP, allowing them to automate the procurement process from source to settle, directing purchasers to already-approved suppliers. This helps to keep your company in compliance as team members in charge of purchasing conveniently find what they need and then buy it from authorized suppliers.Procurement Cloud

We can help you with end-to-end Procurement Cloud implementations, a module-approach where you just implement the module(s) that will provide the most impact, or by spending category, such as IT spend, direct, indirect, services, etc.

More than 50% of CPOs say procurement-related risk has increased for them in the last year. And with that risk can come significant fines for organizations if compliance standards aren’t met and more importantly, tracked.

With a procurement solution in place, such as Procurement Cloud, CPOs are 2.5 times more effective at managing supplier risk and get the added benefits that a comprehensive solution brings.

Whatever approach you plan to take–whether it’s transformational, strategic, or transactional–we can help map out the project and help you realize savings quickly in weeks, not months.

Oracle Procurement Cloud Timelines

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Typical Outcomes with Sourcing

In our experience, when implementing Sourcing in Procurement Cloud, we’ve seen great impact and speed to value for our clients.

18% Average Savings

40% Cycle Time Reduction

25% Increase in Efficiency

Sourcing and Procurement ROI

Procurement Cloud Benefits

  • Streamlined procurement management
  • Standardized, automated process from source to pay
  • Ability to select the best suppliers
  • Enhanced strategic spending
  • Quality products procured while keeping costs under control
  • Ideal for direct or indirect spend
  • Improved supplier collaboration
  • Improved compliance and decreased risk for fines
3 Questions to Ask About Procurement in the Cloud

More Benefits of Procurement Cloud

This Oracle Cloud solution makes it easy to collaborate, from gathering procurement requirements to sharing documents, negotiating with sourcing teams, and much more. Your company can gain visibility and insights into the best opportunities to spend while also maximizing your savings.

Contracts are securely stored, with relevant team members having the ability to access them, as needed. Contract renewals can be automated, with your company having the ability to capture complete audit histories with them, including amendments and addendums.

You can easily identify when a contract deviates from company standards, recognize contract risks, and manage document approvals, including through electronic signatures, and use invoice matching and payment capabilities to free up staff for high-level work.

Increased Employee Engagement

Based upon their roles and levels of authorization, employees can participate in self-service procurement within company guidelines, without the need for lengthy approval processes.

Through the use of rules-based procurement management, your company can authorize selected employees to make standard purchases up to a predetermined dollar amount. In other instances, you may decide to require management approval for each purchase.

When using multi-tier user approval processes, each requisition is automatically sent to the next person for sign-offs, as needed, and notes can be added to provide more information for the person with the authority to approve the purchase. Approvers can sign off on purchases, reject them, or send them back for revisions.

World-Class Procurement Experience

Self-service procurement solutions facilitate a company’s ability to streamline purchasing while keeping compliance at the center of the process. This empowers employees, based upon their roles while helping to improve productivity and boost the company’s bottom line.

Oracle Procurement Cloud is also set up to efficiently support workflows involving unusual circumstances, such as when a large purchase needs split between more than one project, or there is a one-time delivery to a non-standard location. Oracle’s Cloud solution can be configured to address these exceptions.

Picking the Leading Procurement Partner

Our Procurement Cloud team of consultants is recognized by Oracle as one of the best in the business. We were among the first partners to implement Strategic Procurement and the only partner to be invited to author a Procurement Cloud E-Book. When you select ArganoCSS as your implementation partner for Procurement Cloud, you get a team that’s implemented end-to-end, phased, module-by-module, in stand-alone and hybrid environments with your existing Oracle on-premise ERP.

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